Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Starting Over

Three months. That’s how long it took my foot to heal. I broke the second metatarsal on my right foot. Four to six weeks, the podiatrist said it would take to heal. When I saw him two months later and the bone was still fractured, he told me I was a slow healer. Ugh.

For three months, I alternated between hobbling on crutches and lying on my sofa with my foot elevated and iced.

Every setback in my life has given me new gifts. This time, almost everything has changed. I am revamping my blog to include my everyday thoughts, experiences, adventures, etc.

And so, I begin.

Since October, my grandmother’s house sold, good friends moved out of state, friends passed on, my boyfriend (whom I’ll call “Mark”) wants to move out of state, and I still can’t walk correctly after three months with an immobilized foot. How’s that for change?

My grandparents were more like parents to me, especially after my father ‘s ALS diagnosis. Selling the only house that was a constant home for me is bittersweet. It’s tough to let go, but I have wonderful memories I will always cherish. The same is true for everything else. Friends pass away, but I will carry the beautiful memories of them with me. I may leave San Francisco, but “The City” will remain in my heart.

I dread change. Yet, it is the only constant and after years of fighting change, I realize it also lets in new people, places and adventures. I must let go of the past so new can enter. My “home” is really inside of me. Wherever I go, there I am.

With change looming every day, I’ve been purging my belongings. My goal, with the help of a storage unit, is to pick up and go with only absolute necessities in possession - some clothes, an open attitude, and two working feet.

Just wait until you hear the change Mark has planned for us.