Friday, April 22, 2011

Sick in Hawaii

That sore throat came back again yesterday morning. Seriously, how can one get sick in Hawaii? The weather is balmy all the time. The people are friendly. Life is slow.

I'm chalking it up to the letdown of moving. There's so much stress involved in coordinating a move across an ocean and I felt myself pushing my body to keep going. "I don't have time to get sick now." How many of us say that to ourselves on a weekly basis?

Mark and I had sore throats last week. His turned into laryngitis and a cold. I thought I had dodged it, but it was on slow simmer and came out yesterday. We had dinner at Zippy's (for my So Cal friends - think Hawaiian Coco's) two nights ago, where I first felt rundown and tired. I practically slept at the table. The waitress was nice enough to bring me tea. One can find green tea everywhere in Hawaii.

I slept yesterday. Mark leaned down, kissed me goodbye and left water by the bed. I didn't ask where he was going....Remember how I had Matzoh Ball soup from C.J.'s Deli at the Hilton Hawaiian Village when I was sick the first day we moved here? Well, Mark drove back to C.J.'s Deli in Honolulu, during rush hour to bring me more Matzoh Ball soup.

If I guy like that said to you, "Let's move to Hawaii," wouldn't you go with him?