Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Honolulu Hale

I came home from Lake Tahoe last night. I'll write about my week later, but for now, let me tell you where I went today. The Mayor of Honolulu's office. Yes, I met Mayor Carlisle. Not even five months here and I've been to a City Council meeting and I met the Mayor.

In order to protect the privacy of people involved, I'm not saying why I was able to attend City Hall today, other than it was for someone getting recognized.

The Mayor is a funny, easy-going man, who made a few jokes. His staff is excellent. They had every detail down. When we walked into the Mayor's outer office to wait for the Mayor, they said, "Relax, help yourself to some coffee. It's supposed to be fun here." (He has a Keurig coffee maker.)

Oh, and everyone wears a lei....the person getting honored, the family and support people for the honoree, the council members and the Mayor. In between items on the agenda, the Council takes a short break and three musicians play during the interludes! I think it's members of the Royal Hawaiian Band. It's so nice to sit and listen to the soft sounds of Hawaii while the Council readies itself for the next agenda item.

The City Council Chambers in Honolulu Hale have gorgeous old painted ceilings and light fixtures. I've uploaded a photo of the ceiling, a chandelier, and the view from the mayor's outer office.