Friday, March 4, 2011

New Doctor, New City

I stepped out of bed to start my second day in paradise. Instead of landing on two steady feet, my right foot crumpled when it reached the floor. Swollen and red, it seemed twice the size of my left foot.

I had a Podiatrist in San Francisco and after treating my broken foot I asked if he knew someone in Hawaii. He didn't. How do I find a Podiatrist in a city I've been in for less than 24 hours? I searched online and found a doctor from California, who went to Stanford and USC and played Water Polo. Purely scientific research, I know. I chose familiarity.

Dr. Familiar (AKA Dr. Greg Morris) had an office with a view of the entire downtown Honolulu area and an ocean that spread from left to right for as far as I could see.

How could this be bad?

It wasn't. He was great. My foot would survive and I would start physical therapy the next week.

I hobbled out of his office to spend the afternoon at the Verizon Store, after my three month old replaced Droid phone broke.

Unexpected, and just like real life. Only in Hawaii.